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Update on Campus to Campus Bike Connector

October 19, 2010

CCBC is thrilled that Town and UNC staffs have recommended a preferred bicycle route for the Campus to Campus Connector.  Town and University staff have worked expeditiously the last year and a half and completed the task outlined in the Carolina North Agreement.

On October 11, the University made a progress report on the Carolina North Development Agreement.The Council referred the plan to the Bicycle/Ped and Greenways advisory groups for comment and will consider those comments before deciding next steps.

The route chosen by UNC and Town staff with public input calls for the connector to run along Cameron Avenue, the Libba Cotton trail and then along town owned land along the railroad to Estes Drive.

Here is the challenge…………

You may not be aware that the Carolina North Development Agreement does not contain any further requirements or triggers to implement the plan. The Chapel Hill Council will need to design a framework for working with Carrboro and the University going forward.

This major artery between campuses is infrastructure is sorely needed and would benefit the community if it were built in advance of the new campus.Because of the economic picture, there are not immediate plans to move ahead with new building on Carolina North. However preparation and design work needs to proceed so this important bicycle link is in place when the economy improves.

We are eager to collaborate with all biking enthusiasts and elected leaders to establish a schedule for planning and engineering work, and a means for governments and bicycling advocates to work together.

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