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Campus to Campus Bicycle Connection

March 1, 2010

CCBC – Campus-to-Campus Bicycle Connection – is a group of citizens organized to promote and facilitate the planning and construction of a bicycle path that will connect the main campus of UNC Chapel Hill to the new Carolina North campus of UNC. The new campus will be built on the Horace Williams Tract north of Estes Road. Our advocacy group is a work group under the leadership of Neighbors for Responsible Growth.

The Development Agreement between the Town of Chapel Hill and the University of North Carolina

The Development Agreement, which went into effect on July 1, 2009, calls for the Town and the University to work together to identify a greenway/bicycle connection between the two campuses (sec. 5.8.19).  The Agreement further calls for the Town and the University to plan for the location and the funding of this connection and to report its findings in the Annual Report due in September, 2010 (sec. 5.16.2).

CCBC Mission

Our goal is to elicit opinions and suggestions for the design and construction of the best feasible bicycle connection that will link the two campuses.  We want to help educate all participants in this process; we will advocate for the timely planning and construction of the best feasible connection; and we want to help facilitate the public participation in the planning and construction process.

We welcome ideas and suggestions from citizens of Chapel Hill and the surrounding communities who have an interest in bicycling and transportation issues in the region.  We especially welcome ideas and suggestions from anyone who has experience bicycling in Chapel Hill or has experience in the process of planning and building successful bicycle paths.

How to Participate in CCBC

CCBC is open to everyone.  You can join and begin to participate simply by adding your name to our yahoo groups at ccbconnector@yahoo groups, by following and commenting on material we will post on this web site, and by participating in meetings and activities that will be scheduled between now and the deadline for the first Annual Report in September, 2010.

CCBC Organizing Committee: Doug MacLean, Glenn Parks, Julie McClintock, Dylan Sandler, Mickey Jo Sorrell, Michael Goy, Bryan Stewart

Contact Information   You can reach us at or

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